Wood Fence Installation in Winnipeg

Custom wood fencing solutions for Winnipeg private and business property owners, providing privacy, protection, and curb appeal with a 1-year workmanship warranty.
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Wood Fences Winnipeg

Natural, timeless, attractive, and long-lasting, a wood fence can be the perfect way to enhance privacy and protection while also adding curb appeal and value to your Winnipeg property. When you invest in a custom wood fence installed by Peg City Fence Pros Inc., you can count on it being a long-term asset that will deliver quality aesthetics and function for many years.

Whether you're looking to keep your children and/or pets safe in the backyard, protect your prizewinning garden from unwanted visitors, or simply establish a privacy and sound barrier between you and your neighbors, wood fencing will deliver. Tell us about your wood fence vision, and our experienced team will bring it to life with precision and professionalism.

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Our Fencing options

Quality products are a cornerstone of our trusted fencing services. When you choose Peg City Fence Pros for your wood fencing needs in Winnipeg and the surrounding area, you can rely on products that will meet and exceed your expectations every single time.

4x4 or 6x6 posts

Large posts offer superior strength and durability, but smaller posts are often sufficient for smaller projects. We'll provide our recommendation for the most suitable choice for your particular situation.

3'-8' pressure-treated or cedar wood

Customize the height of your wood fence. We can accommodate everything from waist-height to full-height fencing.

Barefoot Brown lumber from West Fraser

Barefoot Brown's attractive colour is more than just a stain. It's also a treatment that will keep bugs, moisture, and rot at bay.

Vertical or horizontal picket style

Horizontal and vertical boarding are equally functional when installed by our experienced and professional team. Choose the look you like the best!

Technical Specifications

Custom fencing

At Peg City Fence Pros, every wood fence we install is custom-designed to the unique specifications of the project. From single or double gates measured and built on-site to one-of-a-kind decorative arbors that will add beauty and character to your yard, you can trust that your wood fence will enhance and highlight your property in all the right ways.

Treated Lumber

We know that our clients are seeking gorgeous, durable, and low-maintenance wood fencing solutions, which is why we exclusively build with Barefoot Brown pressure-treated wood from West Fraser. These lumber products eliminate the need for staining while increasing resistance to rot, mold, and other forms of decay.
pressure treated 2x12x16 resting on stands
custom built fence

Variety of Sizing Options

When it comes to sizing, we are pleased to offer our clients plenty of flexibility. Our wood fences can be installed at a variety of heights and with fence posts of different sizes, depending on your needs and preferences.

Vertical or Horizontal Boarding

What's your stylistic preference for your Winnipeg property's wood fence? We can accommodate your choice of vertical or horizontal picket-style wood fencing.

Why Choose Peg City Fence

At Peg City Fence Pros, our capable team has over a decade of experience installing commercial and residential fences throughout the City of Winnipeg and beyond. Custom wood fencing is one of our areas of expertise, and we tackle every challenge—from unique property features to unusual angles—with signature tenacity and skill.

Whether you're replacing an old fence or installing a new one for the very first time, the team at Peg City Fence Pros Inc. is your go-to provider for trusted fencing services in the Winnipeg area. From full-yard projects to privacy screens or inserts, we're ready to get started.

Still, on the fence about moving forward with a Peg City Fence build? Here are some more reasons to trust our services:

We offer a 1-year warranty on all of our work for full-build clients
We take care of locating all utility lines
Every fence is installed with precision and accuracy to meet our exacting standards
We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. Your satisfaction is our number one priority



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