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Custom chain link fencing solutions for Winnipeg private and business property owners, providing privacy, protection, and curb appeal with a 1-year workmanship warranty.
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Chain Link Fences Winnipeg

Durable, functional, affordable, and straightforward to install, chain link is one of the most popular and versatile fencing systems on the market. Ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications alike, it can be used for purposes ranging from security to privacy to the separation of specific areas.

At Peg City Fence Pros Inc., our skilled and experienced team has successfully installed hundreds of chain link fences in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. We tackle every job with the utmost professionalism and always take the time to understand our client’s expectations so that we can ensure an outcome that meets and exceeds them.

Ready to learn more about which chain link fencing solution may be the right fit for your property? Contact our dedicated team at Peg City Fence Pros Inc. today!

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Our Fencing Options

At Peg City Fence Pros, our chain link fencing solutions can be customized to suit your needs. Some of our options include the following:

Choose Your Gauge

Whether you're seeking commercial or industrial gauge chain link fences, we've got the products to get the job done right. Gauges with higher numbers are manufactured using thinner wire, so if you want maximum strength and stability, you'll be looking for a lower gauge product. That being said, higher gauge products are often recommended for residential applications. Speak directly with a knowledgeable Peg City Fence Pros team member for any questions about the right gauge chain link for your current project.

Choose Your Height

Our chain link fence options run the gamut from short to tall. Tell us the height you need your fence to be, and we'll accommodate it with speed and accuracy.

Choose Your Colour

At Peg City Fence Pros Inc., our chain link fence solutions are available in a range of colours, including black, white, green, and galvanized silver. Galvanized chain link fence products are woven from wire that has received a special zinc coating to improve its flexibility.

Custom Gates

No two properties are identical, and at Peg City Fence Pros Inc., we believe that no two gates should be either. We are committed to custom chain link gate design that takes the specific measurements of your property and the unique goals of your project into consideration. Hoping for specific gate features? Let us know, and we'll do everything we can to accommodate your requests.

Interior Chain Link Fencing

At Peg City Fence Pros, we do specialty interior fencing jobs, including chain link installations for storage lockers and parking garages. Want to know more? Contact us directly for further inquiries and information.


Our chain link fencing options at Peg City Fence Pros Inc. include the following features and specifications:
galvanized fence

3' - 10' (0.9 m - 3.05 m) tall galvanized mesh

Commercial 9-gauge and residential 11-gauge mesh

chain link fence
commercial chain link gates

Custom gates

A variety of colours, including black, white, green, and galvanized silver

white chain link fence

Why Choose Us

When you choose the knowledgeable and experienced team at Peg City Fence Pros to meet your chain link fencing needs, you choose a local business with a proven record of success. We've been serving the Winnipeg community for more than a decade, and our base of loyal clients speaks for itself. Impeccable customer service is a top priority for our company and we strive to deliver the same consistent quality on every job we take on.

Other reasons to choose Peg City Fence Pros Inc. for your next fencing project include:

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All of our workpersonship is warrantied for one year (full-build clients only).
We are known for our professional standards as well as the quality and accuracy of our work.
We take care of locating all utility lines so that you don't have to worry.
When it's time to install chain link fencing on your property, Peg City Fence Pros Inc. is ready to get the job done. To book an appointment, contact us directly today!



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